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Who We Are

Hello, we are Scoopr Media. We believe in using the power of social to activate influencers to grow brand value.

Brand Community Specialists

We're the platform to connect brands to micro-influencer communities. We build and grow 1 to 1 relationships around your brand.

Brand Influencer Recruiters

Our mission is to activate and identify fans and turn them into brand influencers. They share their genuine moments with their network.

Great Storage Partner

All your user generated content that is brand specific under one roof. Access to it anytime anywhere.

Rewards Delivery

Users earn reward for every photo they submit and can more rewards based on social interactions and media licensing.

Liability Partner

We make sure you have the exclusive rights to every photo you license via our platform.

Awesome Support

It's simple your community takes photos and earn rewards. And because we care, we are always here for whatever you need.

What We Do We love what we do and can do for you!

Content Acquisition

We help companies gain genuine content that is specific to their brand from their existing community and in a way thats rewarding to all.

Social Media Tracking

We track brand specific user generated content across 5 social platforms in real time that is key to determining value

User Generated Content

We make it easy for brand fans to create memorable content that is brand specific and sharable. In turn, delivering a genuine endoresement from a brands community.

Data Dashboard + Data Insights

Monitor your campaign assignment with our user friendly web dashboard.. We give you the analytics to determine who your brand fans, brand influencers and brand evangelists really are.

Cloud Storage

Your trusted photo storage partner for user generated content. We organize your memorable moments as they occur in real time around each assignment you post on Scoopr.

Incentivizing Platform

What better way to connect with your community than to offer rewards for the creation and submission of genuine content... We help facilitate this exchange.

How Scoopr Works

After you create and publish an assignment,
your community will...


Your community will see your
assignment and all it’s details within our mobile app and in real time.


They can shoot for your assignment directly through our mobile apps built in camera, or from their image library


After shooting the perfect image, they upload it to your assignments profile and then share it across their social media

And you as a brand can...


Track shares and re-tweets in real time via our intuitive and user friendly dashboard, to see where your campaign is being shared and seen across social media.


Memorable brand moments stored with Scoopr Media:

Easily store and Access the user generated content that has been submitted to your assignment. All UGC is stored on Scoopr"s cloud and can be accessed remotely from any browser.


350 M

Photos shared on Facebook daily

500 M

Tweets per day

36 %

of Tweets have Photos


Days in a Year

More About Us

Brand Fans Activated Everywhere

We care about better content. We want to live in a world where people are rewarded for the content they create and sharing their genuine experience with the brands they love.

Brands appreciate you sharing this authentic moment with your friends and family across social media. We help them show it.

Scoopr Media is the means to activate brand fans everywhere.

Our Mobile App

Scoopr allows brands to exclusively license brand-specific content that is originated from smartphone users' camera libraries for a variety marketing efforts.

In addition to a brand reward for each submission, Scoopr Media users receive a greater reward based on the number of authentic shares they can create on their content when it is licensed for a brand's marketing efforts.



Store your unique brand moments in real time. Turn brand fans into active content creators. Track the memorable moments across the social web to determine who are your brand influencers and brand evangelist.


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